fuwafuwa.moe's IRC server

Connection info

Hostname: irc.fuwafuwa.moe
Port: 6697
TLS only: yes (called 'SSL' in some clients)

Main channel: #fuwafuwa
Help channel: #help

SHA256 Fingerprint: B6:21:F1:BA:9F:C7:AD:3C:18:C9:2D:92:CD:15:D5:17:5A:4F:00:F0:8F:56:F8:A3:DD:05:60:FE:EA:51:10:52
SHA1 Fingerprint: CE:FB:A8:4D:26:59:20:35:C2:46:77:8F:CD:1E:50:B4:AA:19:33:27

Current MOTD

Welcome to fuwafuwa.moe's IRC server!

* We don't really have any rules, just don't do any illegal stuff.
* If someone took over your channel or nick, join #help.
* We don't run services and *Serv nicks are not protected. Normal users
  may use them, so interact with them at your own risk.
* If you want a vhost, e-mail vhost@fuwafuwa.moe with your nick and
  TLS client certificate fingerprint, and of course the vhost you want.
* You're strongly encouraged to get a vhost to help protect your
  identity. Vhosts are the only accepted proof of nick ownership
  when there's a dispute.
* Lolis are great.

Have a nice stay!

Web client

Thanks to Xen0 for hosting this IRC client!